Mohio's Top 3 Most Popular Number-Based Virtual Games

Tuesday, 16. August 2022

Modern number-based virtual games attract and keep the attention of different kinds of punters, making them a powerful revenue stream for betting operators. But which games perform better than the others in that regard? Let's find out!

The number-based virtual games have always been popular among different types of punters. Some like to bet on the numbers, some are attracted by the colourful and modern design, and others bet on number-based virtual games to pass the time while waiting for the results of real sports events.

Regardless of the players' motivation, number-based virtual games are a powerful revenue stream for betting operators because new events are drawn every few minutes. In addition, these games are based on a random number generation (RNG) algorithm, which excludes the possibility of influencing or adjusting the results in any way.

If you are a betting operator looking to attract more players to your shops, the MOHIO team has prepared a list of the TOP 3 most popular omnichannel number-based virtual games that will help you to achieve your goal and improve your revenue.

Red Keno - A classic game in new interpretation

The undisputed leader in the MOHIO's most popular number-based virtual games list is Red Keno. Legend has it that Keno was known even in ancient China, and the game has retained its popularity since then primarily due to its simple rules.

In MOHIO's Red Keno, there are 80 numbered balls loaded into the drum, and the system randomly generates 20 of them during the draw. Before the start of the draw, the player can choose from 1 to 8 numbers. The more numbers matched in the player's bet with the actual result of the draw, the greater his winnings. 
Speaking of winnings, players choose MOHIO's Red Keno because it offers 10+ different configurable payout tables and increases their chances of winning with two bonus balls and the jackpots.

Spin Win - Spin your way to greater profits

Spin Win ranks high on the MOHIO's most popular number-based virtual games list. This quick game is a modern take on classic roulette with an exciting design and well-known rules. Furthermore, it includes additional bet types, attracting the attention of fans of the classic game and those looking for something new.

On the screen, players can see a wheel with black and red sectors numbered from 1 to 36 and an additional green sector numbered 0. In each round, the player can choose one of the 36 numbers (or 0) that he believes will be the winner. Moreover, the players can bet on such betting markets as a sector, dozen, colour, even/odd, low/high and others.

Besides the draw itself, the screen displays the statistics of the most drawn ("hot") and the least drawn ("cold") numbers in the last 360 rounds, as well as the statistics of all betting markets in the same period. All this makes SpinWin a highly profitable stream of income for betting operators all over the world.

Lucky Six - An instant hit on the market

Lucky Six is a lottery-based virtual game that has generated a lot of buzz on the market due to its simple rules, a wide range of betting markets, high odds and attractive bonuses. All that not only attracts players' attention but keeps it long-term.

In Lucky Six, there are 48 balls numbered from 1 to 48 loaded into the drum, and 35 balls are generated randomly during the draw. The player picks 6 numbers that must be among those 35. The winning amount depends on when the last of the 6 selected numbers will be drawn. The sooner all 6 numbers are hit, the greater the player's winnings.

Furthermore, with Lucky Six, the players can bet on 8 different colour groups - red, green, blue, magenta, brown, yellow, orange, and black - each containing 6 numbers, as well as on more even or odd balls, a sum of the first five balls and other markets.

Distribution Channels

MOHIO's number-based virtual games are available for several distribution channels: classic cashier land-based (retail) version, terminal version and semi-online version with players' access via any device.

Cashier land-based (retail) version. This version is best suited for land-based betting shops. Here, the cashier accepts bets from the players and pay out winnings. Events, the odds and the results and displayed on TV screens.

Terminal version. This version is designed for self-service terminals. Here the player can independently place bets and follow the event drawing directly using the broadcast on the terminal.

Semi-online version. This version is an ideal solution for independent play not only in a gambling establishment but also on players' own devices. The creation and replenishment of user accounts, as well as the payment of winnings, is performed by the cashier. But the player can place bets from any device at any convenient time.

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