Statement on Russian Military Action in Ukraine

Friday, 25. February 2022

In the early hours of 24 February, the Russian Federation launched a full-scale military invasion of Ukraine.

MOHIO has strong Ukrainian roots, and our team includes people from all corners of independent Ukraine, so this blatant disregard of international law, global order of peace and basic principles of human decency is very close to our hearts.
We strongly condemn this brazen aggression that leads to the death of innocent men, women, and children. We offer support for the Ukrainian people and their defenders.
Join us in the prayer and help for the courageous people of Ukraine and consider making a donation for the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which heroically repels the attacks of invaders.
We are staying at home and working remotely to ensure people's safety. At the same time, we continue to work as usual to guarantee uninterrupted service and ensure that MOHIO remains a reliable business partner for our customers.