The 3 best ways to become a MOHIO partner and expand your betting business

Monday, 18. July 2022

Become a MOHIO partner and join a successful and thriving network of betting operators, distributors and agents.

MOHIO is a developer and supplier of high-quality and profitable software for the betting industry, therefore the main focus of the company's cooperation is B2B (business-to-business). However, MOHIO is open to other types of mutually beneficial relationships, and you can become a MOHIO partner even without being a betting operator.


This type of cooperation is suitable for you if you are a betting operator, i.e. land-based or an online gambling business owner. In this case, MOHIO works directly with you and provides you with the software and a complete package of related services - technical and customer support, training, risk management, accounting, etc.


This type of cooperation is suitable for you if you already have a customer base of betting operators to which you can sell our products and services. In this case, MOHIO works directly with you but not with your clients, so you agree on the terms of cooperation with them and issue invoices to them. For its part, MOHIO provides complete technical support for the product.


This type of cooperation is suitable for you if you already have a client base of betting operators or are just starting to work in the betting industry, but not as a betting business owner. You will refer potential clients to MOHIO, and after we successfully close the deal, you will receive a monthly commission, the amount of which depends on the profits of the client you referred. MOHIO will work directly with the said betting operator, providing him with a complete package of services and issuing invoices.

MOHIO appreciates transparency in relations with all partners. Therefore we provide access to the administrative panel, in which you can independently check your balance and monitor all transactions in real-time.

We are interested in long-term cooperation and want our partners to prosper. That's why we provide full technical and consulting support and all the necessary marketing materials to introduce our services to your customers. MOHIO values ​​its reputation and yours, therefore we guarantee delivery of all the required services to you and your customers.

MOHIO is a trusted partner for operators, distributors and agents in the betting industry, which regularly results in new profitable long-term business relationships for our partners and us. Our time-proven products for the betting industry, qualitative training and support team are ready to set up and launch the project in the shortest possible time to achieve your goal.

Contact the MOHIO chat, and we will help you expand your betting business.