Our Services

Prompt, friendly help is a matter of course. Having the feeling that they can reach for the telephone and unbureaucratically receive immediate support makes MOHIO clients a bit more independent. However, 'Service & Support' can be more than a firefighter: we guarantee smooth technical operation and continuous further development.

Channels of Distribution

Online integration

The MOHIO online integration solution gives you the possibility to expand your land-based operation into the online business in a very smart way.

Shop TV

The multiplayer central TV screen point-of-sale system for accepting bets in your shops. The events are displayed on a TV screen. The betting shop staff takes the wager and pay out the winnings.

Self service terminal

The single player self service terminal solution for accepting bets. Our touch screen optimized and intuitive user interface combined with the fast way to place bets is the ideal solution for expanding your operation without additional costs. Your customer are now able to pay in and place there bets by themselves.

Video lottery terminal

The single player self service terminal interactive lottery gaming solution. True proven client-server internet-based gaming system (server based slot machine system) with one or more venues connected to a central site.

Shop PC

The single player computer shop solution for accepting bets and enjoy casino games in your shop. The interaccount transfer solution from MOHIO gives you the possibility to handle the pay in and pay out in a very secure and fast way.



Designed to keep the flow of your operation.

The cashier user interface technology is optimized for retail operations suitable for betting shops.

Purposely-designed with large buttons and high usability a perfect solution for your betting shop.